Rules & Regulations


  1. The Library follows Open Access system. Students can take books from the stacks to the Reading Room for browsing through them. They should leave such books on the tables and not shelve them, as A Book Misplaced is a Book Lost.
  2. Every Library User has a right to a peaceful environment for reading. Please make sure that you are not violating this right of other users.
  3. Underlining or marking / tearing / folding of pages/ defacing or damaging in any way of library books or other materials is strictly prohibited. Users indulging in such practices may be debarred from using the library.
  4. Eating/ Smoking/ littering in the Library premises is strictly prohibited.
  5. Users should leave their bags and other belongings including personal books (except money and other valuables) in the Luggage Racks outside the Library. Notepaper/notebooks/laptops will be allowed inside the Library.

Borrowing entitlements of Library Users :

Category No. of Books Loan Period (in days)
Faculty 40 180
Faculty (Inspire) 20 180
Faculty (Visiting) 20 180
Ramanujan Fellow 20 180
Research Scholar (Ph.D.) 8 30
PG (MS-Research) 8 30
PG (MS-DSM) 8 30
PG (M.Sc.) 8 30
PG (M.Tech) 8 30
PG (E-M.Tech) 8 30
UG (B.Tech) 8 15
UG (B.Tech-INBOUND) 8 15
Staff Group A 10 30
Staff Group B 6 30
Staff Group C 2 30
Project Employee/ Research Associate/ Research Assistant 2 30
PDF/ NPDF/ JRF/ SRF/ UGC-Fellow/ Other 2 30

Note: In case of overdue books, no further books will be issued after 3 Overdue Notices have been sent to the user,  till the time the overdue book(s) are returned and the late fee is paid, which will be charged @ Rs. 2/- per day per book.

  1. Online renewal of books by User (one time)

A user can, on or before the due date, renew books online for a further entitiled period, if there is no demand from other users. Renewals after the due date can be done online after payment of late fee, as applicable.

  1. Renewal of books for the second time

If  users wish to get the books renewed for a second time, the books will have to be brought physically to the library to be re-issued.

  1. Late Fee for overdue Books:

The late fee will be charged at the rate of Rs. 2/- per day per book for all categories of users.

  1. Loss/ damage of books
  • If the user loses/damages a book (Indian / foreign edition), he/she has to replace the exact/latest edition of the book to the Library and pay the late fee, as applicable. If the user is unable to replace the book, he/she has to pay the price of the latest edition as per Publisher’s list price, Plus 10% of the price as Processing Fee OR Rs. 100/-, whichever is higher.
  • A Xerox or photocopy of a book shall not be acceptable as a replacement of the lost library book.
  • A soft cover/ low priced edition will not be acceptable in lieu of a hard cover edition.
  • If the user loses one volume of a multi-volume set and is unable to replace the lost volume, he/she has to pay the current price of the entire set of volumes as per publisher’s list price,  Plus applicable late fee, Plus 10% of publisher’s list price as Processing Fee  OR Rs. 100/-, whichever is higher.
  • In case of loss of Out of Print books, Rs. 500/- OR the publisher’s list price OR price from websites like Amazon etc. whichever is higher, Plus late fee as applicable, Plus 10% of publisher’s list price OR Rs. 100/- (whichever is higher), as processing fee, has to be paid.
  • In case of loss of foreign editions which are out of print, the price paid by the library at the time of purchase in foreign currency will be converted to Indian rupees at current rate of conversion for calculating the current price of the book. If the user wishes to replace Out of Print book by a second hand copy, the library may accept it at the discretion of the Librarian. In case of obsolete or otherwise difficult-to-convert currencies, US dollar will be taken as standard currency.
  • In case of loss of rare/valuable books, the Librarian may impose extra fine and/or may recommend disciplinary action (such as cancellation of library membership)