The Central Library is happy to announce a training session for enter site IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Mr. Ranbir Singh from IEEE will conduct the session.  Please see the details below for the same:

source Venue: Helium (SB) 209

Date: 25.10.2018 (Thursday)

Time: 11 AM to 12.30 PM


The session will include the following points:

  • Introduction to new search Engine, with the ability of using operators within basic search.
  • Introduction code ocean.
  • Make decisions faster by accelerating the research, problem-solving with various search functionalities.
  • Time-saving features for your research which help you to focus only on relevant articles
  • Various tools to discover relevant articles while going through the best article
  • Stay at the forefront of the technology with alerts on new articles/journal issues in your area of interest
  • The quick and easy way of reading which will help you interpret articles in less than 60 seconds
  • Identify potential collaborators within your field of research
  • And more!!