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>>> IOP e-journals complimentary trial access (2024)

Please be informed that the LRC has received complimentary trial access to IOP Journals till  31st March 2024.
Link to Access:  https://iopscience.iop.org/journalList

Subject Coverage: Astronomy and astrophysics, Physics, Optics and photonics, Materials, Biomaterial engineering, Engineering, Quantum science, Instrumentation and measurement, Environment and energy, etc.

>>> New e-Resources subscription started (2023)

  1. Advanced Energy Materials (Wiley Online Library)
  2. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis (Wiley Online Library)
  3. Applied Optics (Optica/ OSA)
  4. Chemistry-A European Journal (Wiley Online Library)
  5. International Journal of  Climatology (Wiley Online Library)
  6. Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier)
  7. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (IOP Science)
  8. Journal of Fluid Mechanics (Cambridge University Press)
  9. Journal of Sociolinguistics (Wiley Online Library)
  10. Journal of Vibration and Control (SAGE Publications)
  11. Language Variation and Change (Cambridge University Press)
  12. Materials Letters (Elsevier)
  13. Materials Science and Engineering: A (Elsevier)
  14. Nature Astronomy (Springer Nature)
  15. Nature Physics (Springer Nature)
  16. Remote Sensing of the Environment (Elsevier)
  17. Semiconductor Science and Technology (IOP Science)
  18. The Economist (Weekly Newspaper) Please contact the library at deputylibrarian@iiti.ac.in for access credentials.
  19. Waste Management (Elsevier)
  20. Water Resources Research (Wiley Online Library)

Economic Database: EPWRF India Times Series (EPWRF ITS) (28 Modules)

>>> New e-Resources subscription started (2022)

  1. Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
  2. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (IOP Science)
  3. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (IOP Science)
  4. ASCE Journals (e-journals collection)
  5. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Oxford University Press)
  6. Nature Materials (Springer Nature)

>>> 20 e-Books newly added in Astronomy [February 16, 2022]

Astronomy education. Vol.1. Evidence-based instruction for introductory coursesImpey, Chris ; Buxner, SanlynClick here
Astrophysical recipes : The art of AMUSEPortegies Zwart, S. ; McMillan, StevClick here
Astrophysics of red supergiantsLevesque, Emily M.Click here
Creating the molecules of lifeBoyd, Richard N. ; Famiano, Michael A.Click here
Essentials of nucleosynthesis and theoretical nuclear astrophysicsRauscher, ThomasClick here
Extragalactic novae : A historical perspectiveShafter, Allen W.Click here
Extreme solar particle storms : The hostile SunMiyake, Fusa ; Usoskin, Ilya ; Poluianov, StepanClick here
Foundations of quantum cosmologyBojowald, MartinClick here
Gamma-ray burstsLevan, AndrewClick here
Gas-phase chemistry in space : From elementary particles to complex organic moleculesLique, Francois ; Faure, AlexandreClick here
Hubble deep field and the distant universeWilliams, RobertsClick here
Life with hubble : An insider’s view of the world’s most famous telescopeLeckrone,David S.Click here
Modeling and analysis of eclipsing binary stars : The theory and design principles of PHOEBEPrsa, AndrejClick here
Simulating large-scale structure for models of cosmic accelerationLi, BaojiuClick here
The chandra X-ray observatory : Exploring the high energy universeWilkes, Belinda ; Tucker, WallaceClick here
The Cosmic 21-cm revolution : Charting the first billion years of our universeMesinger, AndreiClick here
The Doppler method for the detection of exoplanetsHatzes, A.P.Click here
The NASA Kepler missionHowell, Steve B.Click here
Time-domain studies of the andromeda galaxyLee, Chien-HsiuClick here
Understanding stellar evolutionLamers, Henny J.G.L.M. ; Levesque, Emily M.Click here

>>> Library e-Orientation Program for New Students [September 07, 2020]

>>> 2 e-Books newly added in Computer Science [January 11, 2020]

Programming Perl : unmatched power for text processing and scriptingChristiansen, Tom ; Foy, Brian D. ;Wall, Larry ; Orwant, JonClick here
SystemVerilog for verification : a guide to learning the testbench language featuresSpear, ChrisClick here

>>> 17 e-Books newly added in Astronomy [October 31, 2019]

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology [3rd ed.]Liddle, Andrew R.Click here
Black Holes, White Dwarfs, and Neutron StarsShapiro, Stuart L.; Teukolsky, Saul A.Click here
Data Analysis : A Bayesian Tutorial [2nd ed.]Sivia, D. S.; Skilling, J.Click here
Galactic Dynamics [2nd ed.]Binney, James;  Tremaine, ScottClick here
Heliophysics: Evolving Solar Activity and the Climates of Space and EarthSiscoe, George L.; Schrijver, Carolus J.Click here
Heliophysics: Space Storms and Radiation: Causes and EffectsSiscoe, George L.; Schrijver, Carolus J.Click here
High-Redshift Galaxies :  Light From the Early UniverseAppenzeller, I.Click here
Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy : With R ApplicationsFeigelson, Eric D.;  Babu, Gutti JogeshClick here
Physics of the Interstellar and Intergalactic MediumDraine, Bruce T.Click here
Physics of the Space EnvironmentGombosi, Tamás I.Click here
Practical Statistics for Astronomers [2nd ed.]Wall, J. V.; Jenkins, C. R.Click here
Rotation And Accretion Powered PulsarsGhosh, P.Click here
Statistics, Data Mining, and Machine Learning in Astronomy : A Practical Python Guide for the Analysis of Survey DataIvezić, Željko; Connolly, Andrew; Vanderplas, Jacob T.; Gray, AlexanderClick here
The Formation of StarsStahler, Steven William;  Palla, F.Click here
The Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar MediumTielens, A. G. G. M.Click here
The Physics of PlasmasBoyd, T. J. M.; Sanderson, J. J.Click here
The Role of VLBI in Astrophysics, Astrometry and GeodesyMantovani, F.;  Kus, A. J.Click here

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